Work at XlogiQ Consulting Group

XlogiQ Consulting Group is a professional company with a focus on people. An ideal mix between senior expertise and young highly educated potentials. With the necessary passion and collegiality, we work together on beautiful and interesting projects. Supplemented with informal activities, we continuously work towards a pleasant working environment. This is important to us at XlogiQ Consulting Group.

What we offer

XlogiQ Consulting Group guarantees an inspiring, innovative and educational work environment, with a primary focus on personal growth. An environment in which you are continuously able to develop yourself.

We work hard at XlogiQ Consulting Group and that comes with excellent primary and secondary employment conditions.

Projects are often not limited by national borders. There are countless opportunities to work on international projects. This also gives you experiences with other cultures, which further contributes to your personal development.

Our organization consists of customer teams, with whom you will deal with all aspects of our services, including process, technology, training and support. That makes working at XlogiQ Consulting Group nice and varied.


Starting Business consultant Transport

32-40 hrs / week

Starting Business consultant Warehouse

32-40 hrs / week

Integration engineer

32-40 hrs / week

Starting Integration engineer

32-40 hrs / week