About us

XlogiQ Consulting Group is a dynamic organization with an ideal mix of senior and junior highly educated IT business specialists. Our proven results within the Transport & Logistics sector enable us to convert difficult and complex issues into high-quality IT solutions.

At XlogiQ, the customer is central and we work together to achieve results-oriented solutions that fully align with practicality, market developments, and the wishes of clients. Our primary objectives are sustainability, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

We have three business units at XlogiQ: Services, Products, and Robotics. Our Services business unit provides consultancy, project management, and managed services, while our Products business unit focuses on developing software products. Our Robotics business unit deals with the development and implementation of robotics solutions within the logistics sector.

Additionally, at XlogiQ, we place great value on building strong relationships between our employees and partners on one hand, and our clients and their employees on the other. By having a long-term focus and building together for the future, we aim for sustainable relationships in which we can achieve successes together.