Kostenbesparingen in de Supply Chain

Bij XlogiQ zijn we gespecialiseerd in Supply Chain-engineering en optimalisatie. Of je nu actief bent in logistiek, productie, retail, of een andere branche, ons team van experts is toegewijd aan het helpen bereiken van een grotere efficiëntie en kosteneffectiviteit.

In combinatie met onze op maat gemaakte oplossingen kunnen we gebieden voor verbetering binnen uw Supply Chain identificeren, innovatieve strategieën implementeren en uiteindelijk aanzienlijke kostenbesparingen voor uw bedrijf realiseren.

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XlogiQ Consulting Group

XlogiQ Consultancy Group specializes in improving logistics processes by assisting in raising margins, increasing production volume, and saving costs through identifying opportunities and implementing pragmatic, high-quality, and sustainable solutions.

XlogiQ Consultancy Group is a proud authorized implementation partner of E2open that supports all modalities within the entire Supply Chain.

At XlogiQ, the customer is at the center, and we collaborate on solutions that fully align with practical needs, market developments, and client preferences. For more information, click on the button below.

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We have three business units at XlogiQ: Services, Products, and Robotics. Our Services business unit provides consultancy, project management, and managed services, while our Products business unit focuses on developing software products. Our Robotics business unit deals with the development and implementation of robotics solutions within the logistics sector.

Additionally, at XlogiQ, we place great value on building strong relationships between our employees and partners on one hand, and our clients and their employees on the other. By having a long-term focus and building together for the future, we aim for sustainable relationships in which we can achieve successes together.

Business units


XlogiQ Consulting Group's Services business unit provides consultancy, project management, and managed services. With our expertise and practical approach, we offer solutions that fully meet the needs of our clients.


XlogiQ's Products business unit focuses on developing software products specifically designed for the transportation and logistics sector. These solutions are developed to turn challenging and complex challenges into high-quality IT solutions.


XlogiQ's Robotics business unit focuses on the development and implementation of robotics solutions within the logistics sector. This includes software-based robotization, conveyor solutions, and mechanical robotization.

Authorised implementation partner of e2open LSP Solutions

About e2open Solutions

E2open helps companies around the world excel in logistics and trade compliance - it's in our DNA. Through a combination of data, networks, and applications delivered the e2open way, our DNA platform provides a frictionless supply chain for thousands of leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, and logistics service providers.

To learn more, visit: www.e2open.com, or follow e2open on Twitter @e2open and LinkedIn.

Authorised implementation partner of Simac

About Simac

Simac is a company active in the IT and technology industry and operates mainly in the Benelux and Central Europe. With over 1400 employees spread across locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, England, and the Czech Republic, Simac delivers and maintains high-quality technology for medium and large organizations to improve business processes. The company has a holding structure with various operating companies that focus on IT services and highly specialized technology solutions. Simac also has participations in new technology-focused companies. The Simac brand stands for a passion for technology and the characteristic culture of a family business. Simac has a unique approach called "Teamnology," in which technological challenges are solved in teams to achieve customer benefits.

To learn more, visit: www.simac.com, or follow Simac on Twitter @mysimac and LinkedIn.

Authorised implementation partner of NYCE.LOGIC


NYCE.LOGIC WMS has been developed in parallel with new trends and technical innovations, as the team of experts closely collaborates with automation partners and customers. The best-of-breed WMS is scalable, meaning it "grows" with customers, whether they are implementing new systems such as robotics or when their order volumes increase.

NYCE.LOGIC takes a practical and long-term approach when it comes to collaborating with customers. This unique setup allows customers to influence the product and build long-term partnerships (NYCE.LOGIC takes pride in maintaining ongoing collaborations since 1998). The combination of a scalable solution, long-term partnerships, and the ability for customers to influence product planning is what truly sets NYCE.LOGIC apart.

Read more on www.extendaretail.com and www.extendaretail.com/solution/nyce-logic-wms.

Implement innovative, sustainable business processes and solutions with the primary focus on pragmatic, margin increase and cost savings.

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